The book Uvirksomme Hender / Idle Hands consists of documentation of selected artworks by Anna Ihle (2014–2018), texts by Kathi Weeks, Roland Paulsen, Merete Hermansen Jonvik, Basim Mardan and Geir Haraldseth. Design by Joseph Atkinson. Editors: Geir Haraldseth and Torunn Larsen. Available at Rogaland Kunstsenter (200NOK).idlehands

Artist presentation Anna Ihle and Christopher Meerdo October 23rd 17:30 at the Van Eyck, Multiform Institute for Fine Art, Design and Reflection. Skjermbilde 2018-11-13 kl. 10.01.08.png

Short review (in Norwegian) at VISP on Bright Future Horizons by critic Arve Rød. Images: Oddbjørn Erland Aarstad.
Review (in Norwegian) in Stavanger Aftenblad on Bright Future Horizons by critic Trond Borgen.

Documentation from the exhibition series AREIDSVERK 1-4 curated by Hans Edward Hammonds and Anna Ihle can be found here (in Norwegian). Arbeidsverk_AV4

Exhibition UVILJE Idun Baltzersen & Anna Ihle opening October 11th at Buskerud Kunstsenter. View documentation of the installation Idle hands, workflow and lack of willpower (2013-2018) here.uvilje.pngExhibition and book launch at Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger.
Facebook event here.

180816_Anna poster_JPEG.jpgView documentation images from the performance Unhealthy Arrangements & Other Activities here.  Photos by Oddbjørn Erland Aarstad.



New performance work, Unhealthy Arrangements & Other Activities, presented at Stavanger Art Museum April 26th.
Facebook event here.
The concept of recreation undergirds the works Anna Ihle will show at Kuppelkupp on the Thursday before International Workers’ Day (1 May). There are also some direct sources of inspirations for these works: for one, a radio interview from 10 January 2018 with the director of Spekter (Norway’s employers’ union), Anne-Kari Bratten, who discussed women working part-time, for another, a speech held at the opening of the exhibition Bjarne Melgaard/Sverre Bjertnes in Stavanger earlier this year. As part of her instruction-performance, Ihle has invited the local Voice of the Soul Choir, directed by Priscila Serrano, to perform a work composed by Jens Borge. By making small, ambiguous interventions in the choral programme and in the cupola, Ihle actualizes questions about work, productivity, free time and the reigning ideals and hierarchies in society.

IMG_6335Opening of UVILJE Baltzersen / Ihle at Nils Aas Kunstverksted, March 17th 13:00.
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Co- curator of the exhibition series Arbeidsverk.
An exhibition series produced by Studio17, Stavanger.


AV3_FB_header (1)


AV1_FB_headerExhibtion at Vestfold Art Centre. Facebook event here.Felles foto


Awarded Stavanger Artist of the Year 2018
Description (in Norwegian) here.
From Rogalands Avis here.
From Stavanger Aftenblad here.

Interview (in Norwegian) in Norwegian art journal Billedkunst.
Download pdf:
Skjermbilde 2018-01-27 kl. 08.16.46.pngSolo show opening at RAM Galleri, Oslo, December 14th

For the exhibition Downtime (Nedetid) Anna Ihle will present four new works. The production of Downtime has taken place, for the most part, between breakfast and dinner on work days, as Ihle considers a normative Scandinavian work week to be a guideline for her practice. During her working hours, the artist has been negotiating between a protestant Norwegian west coast work ethic, and a start-up vibe, both inspired by Ihles hometown Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway. Since the start of her MFA,  Anna Ihle has been making art while questioning the meaning of work today. In her artistic practice, she has been stone carving, wood carving, gold panning and invited in people for conversations in the work process. The conversations often contain questions like «When is your work day over? What is considered a job? Hey, what do you think about while working? When are the hours after work recreation and not just rehabilitation?»
Facebook event here.
Photo documentation here.
Exhibition recommended in Subjekt and Dagbladet.



In a series of self portraits in Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen
Read (in Norwegian) here.

Opening of the exhibition SAUDA October 7th
More on the event here (in Norwegian).

Anna Ihle used the gym of powerlifter Hildeborg Juvet Hugdal as a studio during a week in October. For the opening of SAUDA Ihle will show the work «Heavy lifting» which consists of water colors, photography and the letter “Dear Hildeborg Juvet Hugdal and others lifting heavy things in Sauda!”, photography and water colors. The letter is published in the local newspaper Ryfylke October 6th.

IMG-6030 2


Video blog introducing both Studio17 and ongoing research by Anna Ihle, with English subtitles.



Interview “Artist of the month” in VISP (in Norwegian). Read here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 17.51.29

See images from the show HOLIDAY ART Anna Ihle & Verena Winkelmann here.wall_anna72

Visiting the podcast Lunken Kaffi
Anna Ihle is a chatting about her practice in an episode of the Norwegian podcast Lunken Kaffi. Listen here, or access from itunes.

Interview in Namdalsavisa
Read (in Norwegian) here.

Dialogues 02: Anna Ihle & Verena Winkelmann
Galleri Hi10, Skien Norway
August 11th – 13th
Facebook event here.


Artist residency at Snedkeriet, at the Norwegian Sawmill Museum, Namsos July 2017.

Open Day June 24th at the artist run initiative Velferden, Sokndal.  Artists: Anna Ihle, Aleksander Andreassen, Hans Edward Hammonds and Maiken Stene. Facebook event here.VELFERDENInterview in CAS
After 2016 CAS Resident Mathias Kryger visited Stavanger he engaged in a somehow unusual correspondence with the artist Anna Ihle. The interview below is composed partly in watercolours, partly in words, and is published as it was conducted in Danish and Norwegian.
Read full interview here.CAS_annaihle



06.04.2017, 19:00
Facebook event here.

My passion and love for my work is of high, high value. I nurture my passion so well, other people want it. I do my work with ease and care, I don´t get sick. – Anna Ihle



Bright Future Horizons is covered by The Creators Project, Vice. Read full interview here. For more images from the show Bright Future Horizons, click here.

skjermbilde-2016-12-29-kl-15-11-02Visiting the Norwegian podcast Lunken Kaffi for a conversation on Bright Future Horizons, art institutions, gløgg, church service and more. Lunken Kaffi is by Espen Birkedal, one of the participants of Bright Future Horizons. (Drawing by Espen Birkedal).lunkenkaffiView more images from the ongoing show Baltzersen / Ihle at Kunstgarasjen,
and read the exhibition text by Ida Bringedal (in Norwegian) here.installasjon6

See more images from Lysende Framtidsutsikter / Bright Future Horizons
at Babel Art Space by Susann Jamtøy ArtSceneTrondheim here.
artscenetrondheimPassive aggressive: Idun Baltzersen / Anna Ihle opening at Kunstgarasjen, Bergen November 25th. Artists Baltzersen and Ihle in conversation (in Norwegian) with Åse Løvgren 7:30pm. Facebook event hereSkjermbilde 2016-11-22 kl. 18.38.40.pngRead full interview by Eline Bjerkan in ArtSceneTrondheim (in Norwegian) here.

Bright Future Horizons is covered by ArtSceneTrondheim; interview by Eline Bjerkan (in Norwegian). Read here.skjermbilde-2016-11-19-kl-15-14-51PLAKAT_skisse2.jpg

Facebook event here.

NRK article from the making of Bright Future Horizons (in Norwegian).
By Kjartan Trana and Amand Aune Nilsen. Photo by Kjartan Trana, NRK.
Kjartan Trana NRK

Awarded Work Grant 2016 Kunstmuseet Nord- Trøndelag. See more images from the summer show, and read the jury statement (in Norwegian) here.full_midt.jpgkunstmuseetnordFacebook event here.

Laundry hour 

(a conversation between Mohamed El Abed and Anna Ihle)
Tuesday 17 May, 6.30pm

When I work, both paid work and housework, I try to create spaces that feel like my own. I listen to podcasts and shows, to feel educated, entertained and less alone. One of the voices, I often listen to while I work is Mohamed El Abed – Anna Ihle.

Laundry Hour is part of the project Open House,
an exhibition that took place at Konsthall C in 2015.
Supported by OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway.

Facebook event here.


Lecture at Telemark Kunstsenter Wednesday May 11th 19:00:
Artist on contemporary art part II (in Norwegian),
in relation to ongoing shows FUTURUM and Blindheten at TKS.
Facebook event here.

Informal artist talk at the University of Linz,
during residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt.
March 3rd 5pm (in English)

Artist talk in Stavanger. Nils Viga Hausken and Anna Ihle.
Feb 11th 7pm (in Norwegian) at Rogaland Kunstsenter.
Facebook event here.

Artist talk at Kunstskolen i Rogaland during Open House.
Feb 10th 15:15- 17:00 at Kunstskolen i Rogaland.
Facebook event here.


Lecture at Telemark Kunstsenter Wednesday Feb 3rd 19:00:
Artist on contemporary art part I (in Norwegian).
Facebook event here.

Showing recent works at the summer show at Art Museum of Nord- Trøndelag June 6th – Aug 6th as one of the nominees of Nord-Trøndelags artist work grant. Info in Norwegian here.

DRIV, FLYT, STIKKER KLOKKA FIRE in media (in Norwegian):
and Varden

Exhibition at Spriten Kunsthall Dec 10th – Jan 9th

Skjermbilde 2015-11-18 kl. 14.27.38Skjermbilde 2015-11-18 kl. 14.28.06

Press on PRECARITY (in Swedish):

Prekär affisch_digital(2)


Spriten Kunsthall Oct 16th – Nov 21st
Henna Hyvärinen and Anders Moss
Curated by Camilla Edström Ödemark and Anna Ihle
Facebook event here.
Documentation of show here.
Exhibition is supported by Norway Arts Council and Skien Kommune.

Heavenly Orders is an exhibiton series at Spriten Kunsthall. WE VALUE SWEAT is the final part, curated by Camilla Edström Ödemark and Anna Ihle.

WE VALUE SWEAT is about artistic labor, industry and sweat. Because if someone who´s worked their ass off- they´re probably awesome. Someone who´s not afraid of dirt and who´s all in before deadline. Someone who loves their work. We value that.

The exhibition is distributed at three floors at Spriten Kunsthall, ones housing a distillery (a side industry of the cities earlier main industry: wood processing). The exhibition is shown by guided tours by the curators. The guided tours is built on stories about the art works and from historical events of the building (based on conversations with Kjell Åge Isaksen, previously an employee in the Norske Skog Union at the very location).

At  WE VALUE SWEAT Anders Moss shows the work “320 tenners gnissel” in the tower room at Spriten Kunsthall,  a cog wheel in wood streching from floor to roof. Moss has taken on a project he knows will make him sweat. That he does´t know how to solve. One of Henna Hyvärinen contributions is the work “CV”, which is her CV printed on a drapery the visitors need to pass. Something bodily is constant in her work, a sticky stain on the blank surface. An umbilical cord which can´t be cut.

Henna Hyvärinen (f.1985, Iisalmi) is a performance- and video artist educated at the academy in Helsinki, Gerrit Rietveld i Amsterdam and the Royal College of Art, Stockholm. Hyvarinens works reflect on the role of the artist and the relationshop between artist and art work. Hyvvärinen have previously exhibited at eg Kiasma and Kunsthalle Helsinki and is a part of the crew behind SORBUS Gallery in Helsinki.

Anders Moss (f.1981, Horten) holds his BFA from the Royal College of Art in Stockholm and works with mechanical installations, often with motorized elements. He finds his material at junk yards, Craigs list or wherever he finds something he wants to bring to his studio. At his workshop in Horten, Moss tries on different materials and shifts between making practical objects to machines he can´t get started.



Idle Hands

Arbetets Museum, Norrköping
Contributing with the work Idle Hands in the show PREKÄR (PRECARITY) at Arbetets Museum  in Norrköping.
Information in Swedish below.

Skjermbilde 2015-09-12 kl. 09.06.30
Konst i Arbete at Arbetets Museum November 22nd in Norrköping. Information in Swedish below.


Sveriges Konstföreningar bjuder in till konferensen Konst i Arbete på Arbetets museum i Norrköping den 21-22 november 2015. Konferensen handlar om relationen mellan konsten och arbetslivet i ett nutida och historiskt perspektiv. Varför bör det finnas konst på arbetsplatsen och vilka politiska ideologier har tidigare legat bakom konstens integration i arbetslivet? Rapporter från konstnärer och konstföreningar som verkar i ett arbetsliv i förändring varvas under konferensen med performativa inslag, historiska utblickar och teoretisk fördjupning.

Till konferensen kommer konstföreningsledare, experter på arbetets filosofi och idéhistoria, representanter från näringslivet, konstvetare, curators och konstnärer.

Medverkar gör: Pia Areblad, Jens Evaldsson, Marika Holm, Ann Ighe, Anna Ihle, Michele Masucci, Stina Nyberg, Jenny Richards, Gertrud Sandqvist, Frida Sandström, Emma Stenström, Nina Svensson, Marika Troili, Anna Östlund. Moderator: Kerstin Brunnberg.

Lördagen den 21 november 2015 kl. 12-18 och söndagen den 22 november 2015 kl. 9-16


Spriten Kunsthall Sept 5th – Oct 3rd
Jasmin Daryani and Camilla Edström Ödemark
Curated by Anna Ihle and Stina Ihle Amankwah
Facebook event here.



Stina:  I just don´t understand why people are concerned about not being called a racist, instead of not beinga racist. Don´t they understand how the things coming out of their mouth tastes like crap?

Anna: I guess, but it´s really uncomfortable discovering you´ve been eating shit for years.

Stina: Yes, but isn´t it just better to realize that? Rather than going through life believing that shit is food?

Sometimes I feel like the level of whiteness in this world overwhelming. The majority of the people on this planet are not white, yet my sister has asked me before meeting new people “do they already know that we’re brown?”.  As if all other colours have to come with a prior warning to let people decide on and practice a non-racist reaction or maybe even come up with a white witty joke to relieve the awkwardness that may follow. Whiteness penetrates all of us. Also people of colour. Most of us, when we hear about an instance of racism our first reaction is to look for an excuse or a justification on the side of the perpetrator.  Maybe the victim was aggressive, maybe they were a criminal, maybe they really were not the best qualified candidate for the sales assistance position even though they ran the biggest mattress company in the whole of Lebanon.  Whiteness can even make you question your own behavior and complicity in situations of injustice.  Maybe I did act suspiciously, maybe I am not good enough for this position, maybe I did hold something in my hand that looked like a gun.

-Stina Ihle Amankwah

Jasmin Daryani (b. 1988, Tehran) has recently graduated from the MFA program of Konstfack in Stockholm, where she also lives and works. Daryanis body of work ranges from photography, silk-screen, text and installation. In Daryani’s practice she investigates the notion of the social, linguistic and political construction of origin, diaspora and violence. Through revision and repetition, but also by reinscribing the postcolonial term mimicry, she mediates the self in relation to culture and history. Jasmin Daryani’s work has previously been exhibited at Centrum för Fotografi, Trädgården and Liljevalchs Vårsalong in Stockholm.

Camilla Edström Ödemark  (b.1985, Åland) did a BFA at Konstfack, Stockholm where she currently works from. Edström Ödemark works mainly with video and installations. Her practice explores how a subjective identity relates to a national identity, and how this national identity functions as a strategy for inclusion and exclusion. In her works she focuses on how the normative gaze of the national identity represents itself in language and images, and how it influences the identity of, e.g. a white privileged group. Earlier she has exhibited at Third Space Gallery (Helsinki), Mångkulturellt Centrum (Stockholm) and Moderna Bar, Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Stina Ihle Amankwah (f. 1993, Bergen) studies International and European law at Hague University, and is currently preparing for an internship at  Detroit Workers & Builders i USA,  where she works with human rights in the organization advocating for and with homeless, un-emploied and under-emplied in Detroit. Ihle Amankwah is obsessed about the thought of burning the down the system till there´s not even ashes left, and for Heavenly Orders # 2, Ihle Amankwah contributes with a text, and a set of questions for the artists.

Anna Ihle (f.1984, Stavanger) is this years grant recipient in the municipality of Skien. Ihle has studied at Konstfack, Stockholm and National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and have previously shown works at Konsthall C and Uppsala Art Museum, Sweden, and curated shows at Living Art Museum, Reykjavik and Husby Konsthall, Stockholm. For the exhibition series Heavenly Orders, which Ihle and Edström Ödemark initiated, contributors are invited- people who in their work take a firm grip on systems and structures and shake them.


Visit to listen to the audio work After Hours For What I Want, a part of the show Open House at Konsthall C. Click on the bottom right corner, to have 24:40min of company while you let´s say fold your clothes.

Konsthall CPhoto: Carolina Garcia

Exhibition view from the show Open House at Konsthall C,
the work After Hours for What I Want.

Home Works at Konsthall C in Arbetet:

 Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 15.07.58


HEAVENLY ORDERS #1: We Value Good Art

▲ Nicole Levaque
▲ Jaakko Pallasvuo

Opening Saturday June 6th 5pm, with an introduction by  curators

Do you ever have the feeling that the world is becoming smaller? That our reality is an oyster for the capitalist project, where creation is slowly being translated into understandable monetary units. A piece of land in euros, a bird singing in dollars. Oil, water, landscape. Morality transferred and exchanged into value through the goodwill projects of multinational corporations. Curiosity, dreams, creativity. Price tag.

In a contemporary global market, where everything comes with a price, Heavenly Orders no. 1 seeks out artistic practices that questions the monetary value of creative and intellectual capital. What does the art world translate into money when evaluating an art piece? What is being transferred in a deal between the artist and the collector? The artist and the viewer?

The works of Levaque and Pallasvuo shares a mutual interest in the value of art. By perverting and distorting materials and techniques traditionally regarded as ”of high value” within the art world, both artists position themselves against the market. Traditional ways of creating value are abandoned, forcing us to see the creative process of an artist as a commodity. What is the price of such a commodity?

Facebook event here.



Opening 20 May 2015, 6pm
20 May – 27 September 2015
(Closed for Summer: 2 July – 25 August)

We are delighted to welcome you to Open House an international group exhibition with Anna Ihle, Hiwa K and Gunilla Lundahl – in collaboration with Bolaget (Lilian Domec and Thomas Gilek) that reflects on the question: What Constitutes a Home Today?

Join us for the opening where refreshments and food will be served! Cash is Queen!

Open House is the second exhibition of Konsthall C’s programme Home Works responding to our location within Hökarängen’s community laundry; investigating the politics of the domestic sphere and the home.

For more information and to follow our public programme in collaboration with ABF Stockholm please vist

The exhibition is supported by: Stockholms Stad, Kulturrådet, Goethe Institut & Farsta Stadsdelsnämnd, in collaboration with Stockholmshem (Hållbara Hökarängen), Hökarängens Stadsdelsråd, Hökarängen’s Hemtjänst and Filmform the art film & video archive.

With thanks to Marabouparken Konsthall.Opening of the show Öppet Hus / Open House at Konsthall C, Stockholm May 20th 6pm

Hiwa K (DEU/IRQ),  Anna Ihle (NOR) and Gunilla Lundahl (SWE)

May 20th —Sep 27th 2015
 (Closed June 2nd- Aug 25th)
Facebook event here.

Konsthall C

Cigarrvägen 14
123 57 Farsta

ORKA! Husby Konsthall


Opening of ORKA! April 4th in Husby Konsthall.
Artists: Emil Borhammar / Idun Baltzersen / Anna Ihle
Texts: Mona Susan Abbasnejad / Anna Ihle
Release of ORKA! the full publication April 30th in Husby Konsthall.

Graphic design by Moa Sundkvist and Lina Adamsson

Facebook event here.


HARDWARE Art Lab Gnesta

Photo by Art Lab Gnesta, mounting of the work Idle Hands.

Opening of the exhibiton Hardware at Art Lab Gnesta April 19th.

ICELAND SARPUR: The show Blind Navigation is now available online,
on the Icelandic Museum  Archives; SARPUR.

Artist presentation at Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien.
Wednesday March 4th 2015, 19:30- 20:30. (In Norwegian).
Facebook event here.


FREMSKRITT Telemark Kunstsenter


TKS Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien
February 6th -March 29th 2015
Sven Drobnitza // Helge Hansen // Anna Ihle





Cirkelstudien is a group show at ABF in Stockholm, intitiated and organized by Konstfrämjandet and Konstfack.
The contributing artists have all studied  Art in the Public Realm at Konstfack.
Opening: Jan 29th, 2015, 17.00–20.00
The show is on from Jan 30th –Feb 21nd, 2015

Nicholas Bates /Fredrik Bjernelind /Harpa Dögg Kjartansdóttir / Cecilia Hultman  / Joel Hurlburt / Anna Ihle / Vilda Kvist /Anna Lidberg / Emil Magnúsarson Borhammar / Agnes Mohlin / Gustaf Nygren /Johan Stenström / Kolbrún Ýr Einarsdóttir




Annal-Lisa-Thomson_portratt [1]

The Foundation in Memory of Anna-Lisa Thomson

On the show at Uppsala Art Museum (in Swedish)

At  “Anna Ihles installation Idle Hands har fått eget rum, kanske är detta en särart, ingen synlig människa finns bland de ingående delarna – de är däremot inskrivna i verket. En kraftfull hyvelbänk hänger upp-och-ner från linor i taket – upplyft; snarade, bundna, förankrade, som sänken för att arbetsredskapet inte ska stiga till väders och bli det man ärar – mer än det äras bör, hänger ängladelarna som befinner sig närmare marken, det som ska synliggöras – det pågående arbetet” (Excerpt, text by Marit Jonsson)

At  ”Idle Hands som består av en gammal hyvelbänk som upp- och nervänd är surrad i taket som ett fjättrat monster. Från bänken hänger en dekonstruerad träängel i bitar och under verket ligger en hög färska spånor. En sadomasochistisk bild av ett uråldrigt hantverk som rymmer mängder av tolkningsmöjligheter”. (Excerpt, text by Sebastian Johans).

Grant Recipient 2014:

Anna Ihle
Idun Baltzersen
Ida Persson
Madelaine Stillfors

Facebook event here.


Awarded Skien Kommune Kunstner- og Arbeidsstipend 2015

Image from TA (in Norwegian.



Kunstschlager Gallery


PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE at Kunstschlager Gallery, Reykjavik
Artists of the week: Idun Baltzersen & Anna Ihle

November 8th -15th

As artists of the week at Kunstschlager Gallery Idun Baltzersen and Anna Ihle are presenting Passive Aggressive. Coming from a summer residency in Bielefeld, Baltzersens woodcut is an excerpt of high productivity in a lonely environment. Ihle carves a small convertible in wood for the show, and stays in bed while working in Reykjavik. Baltzersen and Ihle found a common space in the desire of doing their own thing, looking away and staying in.

Facebook event here.

SIM Gallery R A N D O M


R A N D O M Group show by the SIM residence artists of October 2014

Opening 29th of October at 17 – 19
29 – 30 October 2014 SIM House Hafnarstraeti 16
101 Reykjavik Opening hours: 10-15:30

Anna Ihle NO
Nicole Levaque CAN
Ilan Gutin USA
(Andreas Knag-Danielsen NO &
Arngrímur Borgþórsson IS)
Torill Brosten NO
Kathryn Maguire IRL
Andrew Godsalve CAN
Nina Rizzo USA
Robert Clark UK
Anna Domnick DE
Anna Petters SE

Facebook event here.




Artist of the week at Starafugl

Chat with Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir
Image by Kolbrún Ýr Einarsdóttir



Blind Navigation at the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik

In collaboration with Eva Isleifsdottir and Kolbrún Ýr Einarsdóttir at Nýló,
Nýlistasafnið (The Living Art Museum), Reykjavik the exhibition Blind Navigation
at Nýló opens October 18th 2014.



NMNP Project Space


Part of RIGHT TIME, WRONG CITY in Stavanger.
NMNP Project Space production.

It’s all going down on SATURDAY 5th JULY 7PM – opening night.  LOCATION – SANDVIKVEIEN 9, Hillevåg, Stavanger (the warehouse just behind the Rimi store). Follow the signs! The exhibition will also be open for viewing every day between 2pm-4pm until Saturday 12th July.

Facebook event here.


Welcome to the exhibition JOBJOB at STUDIO17, Stavanger!
Curated by Anna Ihle
Works by Lina Kruopyte, Emil Borhammar and Anna Ihle

June 12th – June 15th Opening June 12th 6pm

Facebook event here.


Exhibiting at the Spring Show Konstfack. Opening Thursday May 15th Stockholm, the work Idle Hands
Facebook event here.



Participating in Departure Resistance, an exhibition curated by Anna Lidberg in Galleri 1:10 during the Spring Show at Konstfack, Stockhol. Opening Thursday May 15th.

Facebook event here.









Visiting ANDOR Gallery in Hackney, London













Contributing to Lost in Space curated by Gregor Taul, opening Friday October 18th, Konstfack, Stockholm.
KUNO is celebrating 20 years.
Facebook event here.

MFA show Dear Heenaben, I´m showing your embroidery in Stockholm now. It looks great.
October 3rd – 11th, Vita Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm
Facebook event here.


Come to Taverna, an event curated by FUMF at
Hemliga Trädgården, Stockholm. June 7th.

Facebook event here.

on June 6th 5pm at Konstfack, Stockholm
Facebook event here.










Victoria Durnaks blog Vikileaks at Flamme Forlag asks about the Moussaka in the Trondheim show:












Pictures from the show Den Faktiska Sträckan in Trondheim.












Sleeping Upright RECEPTION AREA

Contributing to Reception Area, an online exhibition by Sleeping Upright with Gift Exchange Excersice #1
Will be launched at Nottingham Contemporary and One Thoresby Street on the 24 th of May.

Welcome to the opening 16th of May: The Spring Show at Konstfack. Bachelor work
It would be nice if you would hang out in my studio, 7 hours maybe? We don’t really have to talk or anything.

Stockholm Review contributed on the publication EROSION by Hostel

Den Faktiska Sträckan at Galleri Pictura in Lund.
Opening 23rd of March!