We Gotta Take This Place

In 2020, a group of artists and architects founded the art and housing policy project “Kunstnerboligforeningen” with the aim of building affordable housing for artists. Anna Ihle followed several of the Kunstnerboligforeningen’s meetings, and have based the dialogue in the film We Gotta Take This Place (2022) on quotes from these meetings. The recording was made in the gardens of the artists’ residences at Ekely and Bøler, as well as in Hovinbyen, a relevant area for the Artists’ Housing Association.

We Gotta Take This Place is part of ‘Selvbyggeren’, an art project by the Artist Housing Association Norway (Kunstnerboligforeningen).

Video 09:13min
Director, script, puppets: Anna Ihle
Camera: Rickard Aall
Research consultant: Ina Hagen
Edit, post production: Kai Arne Svanæs-Soot
Composition: Jens Borge
Puppets played by Anna Ihle, Espen Birkedal, Elias Daniel and Pittenger Karianne Andreassen

Presented with stills from We Gotta Take This Place, and installation shot by Sol Archer from Selvbyggeren, where the work is presented