Bright Future Horizons

A group of 4 cultural workers from Stavanger, Norway
go searching for gold during the oil crisis.

Video installation.
5 video loops.
Archival material
Posters and ready mades

Gold crew: Uma Feed, Espen Birkedal, Jens Borge, Siri Borge, Anna Ihle
Music: Jens Borge
Camera (Bindal): Kjartan Trana
Camera (Stavanger) Stavanger: Kai Arne Svanæs- Soot
Editor: Kai Arne Svanæs- Soot
Graphic advisor: Lina Kruopyte
Archival material is borrowed from Hallgeir Lians private archive

Supported by Arts Council Norway, Fritt Ord Foundation, Atelierhaus Salzamt,
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and Stavanger Municipality.

Thanks to Jens Christian Berg, Arne Schau, Margrete Abelsen (Babel), Hallgeir Lian , Catrine Gangstø, Kari Berge, Linda Carrara, Line Anda Dalmar, Per Kristian Nygård, Ylva Cecilie Vestrheim, Innovation Dock, Rogaland Art Centre, Scandic Rock City, Fredrik Rønningen and Åslaug Ihle Thingnæs.


Installation view: installationview_1installationview_2


Video stills:videostill_1videostill_2videostill_3videostill_4videostill_5videostill_6
Installation details:bright08bright09detail_installation1