DRIV / انشغال


A publication written by Basim Mardan and Anna Ihle in Arabic and Norwegian. The publication is about work and the passing of time in the Skien area in Norway. Basim Mardan writes poems, Anna Ihle talk with people and together they help each other translate to their own languages.

The publication is printed on paper from Norske Skog Skogn.

Thanks to Tom Erik Lønnerød, Shaima Khalid, Amediatrykk Larvik, Varden, Omar Tchalabi, Aleksi Wildhagen and Ida Bringedal.

Graphic design by Lina Andersson and Moa Sundkvist in collaboration with Naji El Mir.

Published by Spriten Forlag 2015 with support from Skien Kommune, Arts Council Norway and Norske Skog Skogn.


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