orka!Artists: Emil Borhammar / Idun Baltzersen / Anna Ihle
Texts: Mona Susan Abbasnejad / Anna Ihle
Curated by Anna Ihle
Graphic design by Moa Sundkvist and Lina Adamsson

Publication/ newspaper (1000ex), 280 x 385mm, 16 pages

The word orka can be translated into the English word manage.

The show and publication deals with the value of work and unemployment, and explores alternative ways of time management. Anna Ihle invited journalist/ activist Mona Susan Abbasnejad to collaborate with me on writing interviews with 16 people connected to the venue of Husby Gård.  Questions asked in the publication:

– What´s the first thing you think of when you wake up?
– How important is it to have fun while working?
– What does it mean to have time off?
– When do you have time off?
– What do you do when you have time off?
– Do you consider yourself to be spontaneous? Why / why not?
– How do you schedule/plan?
– What do you dream of?
– How do you manage/divide your time? 
– What do you enjoy spending time on?
– What do you not enjoy spending time on?
– What is time?
– What is work?
– How much of your time do you consider work?

E-mail annaihle(at)gmail.com for a free copy of publication.