1000 ex
Initiated by Anna Ihle, co-written with Mona Susan Abbasnejad
Graphic design by Lina Adamsson and Moa Sundkvist
Part of the exhibition ORKA! in Husby Konsthall curated by Anna Ihle

The word orka can be translated into the English word manage. The publication (and the show with the same title) deals with the value of work and unemployment, and explores alternative ways of time management. Journalist/ activist Mona Susan Abbasnejad was invited for collaboration writing interviews with 14 people connected to the show/ the venue of the show, Husby Gård.  Husby Gård, houses Husby Konsthall, a local cafe, a crafts organization, workshops, social intitatives and people in job training from Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service). Husby is a suburb in Stockholm, the last neighborhood to be built as a part of the million program