▲ Henna Hyvärinen
▲ Anders Moss

Heavenly Orders is an exhibiton series at Spriten Kunsthall. WE VALUE SWEAT is the final part, curated by Camilla Edström Ödemark and Anna Ihle.

WE VALUE SWEAT is about artistic labor, industry and sweat. Because if someone who´s worked their ass off- they´re probably awesome. Someone who´s not afraid of dirt and who´s all in before deadline. Someone who loves their work. We value that.

The exhibition is distributed at three floors at Spriten Kunsthall, ones housing a distillery (a side industry of the cities earlier main industry: wood processing). The exhibition is shown by guided tours by the curators. The guided tours is built on stories about the art works and from historical events of the building (based on conversations with Kjell Åge Isaksen, previously an employee in the Norske Skog Union at the very location).

At  WE VALUE SWEAT Anders Moss shows the work “320 tenners gnissel” in the tower room at Spriten Kunsthall,  a cog wheel in wood streching from floor to roof. Moss has taken on a project he knows will make him sweat. That he does´t know how to solve. One of Henna Hyvärinen contributions is the work “CV”, which is her CV printed on a drapery the visitors need to pass. Something bodily is constant in her work, a sticky stain on the blank surface. An umbilical cord which can´t be cut.

Henna Hyvärinen (f.1985, Iisalmi) is a performance- and video artist educated at the academy in Helsinki, Gerrit Rietveld i Amsterdam and the Royal College of Art, Stockholm. Hyvarinens works reflect on the role of the artist and the relationshop between artist and art work. Hyvvärinen have previously exhibited at eg Kiasma and Kunsthalle Helsinki and is a part of the crew behind SORBUS Gallery in Helsinki.

Anders Moss (f.1981, Horten) holds his BFA from the Royal College of Art in Stockholm and works with mechanical installations, often with motorized elements. He finds his material at junk yards, Craigs list or wherever he finds something he wants to bring to his studio. At his workshop in Horten, Moss tries on different materials and shifts between making practical objects to machines he can´t get started.

Camilla Edström Ödemark (f.1985, Åland) holds her BFA from Konstfack, Stockholm. Edström Ödemark works mainly with video and installation. In her practice she explores how a subjective indentity relates to a national identity and how this national idenity works as a tool for inclusion and exclusion. In her work she focuses on how the normative gaze of the national identity presents itself in language and images, and how this affects the identity of eg a white privileged group. She has earlier showed works at Third Space Gallery (Helsinki), Mångkulturellt Centrum (Stockholm) and at Moderna Bar, Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Anna Ihle (f.1984, Stavanger) is the recipient of the Skien Kommune art – and work grant. Ihle has studied at Konstfack, Stockholm and National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She has shown works at Konsthall C and Art Lab Gnesta in Sweden, as well curated shows at NYLO, Reykjavik and Husby Konsthall, Stockholm. For the series Heavenly Orders, initiated by Ihle and Edström Ödemark they invite contributors who hold tight on to systems and structures in order to shake them hard.