▲ Nicole Levaque
▲ Jaakko Pallasvuo


Opening Saturday June 6th 5pm, with an introduction by the curators Camilla Edström Ödemark and Anna Ihle 5:30pm.

HEAVENLY ORDERS is an exhibition series curated by artists Camilla Edström Ödemark and Anna Ihle during 2015. Three shows will be held in the tower at Spriten Kunsthall, with three themes. Themes which seems like orders from unknown sender.

The exhibiton is open during the regular opening hours of Spriten Kunsthall June 7th -27th.



Do you ever have the feeling that the world is becoming smaller? That our reality is an oyster for the capitalist project, where creation is slowly being translated into understandable monetary units. A piece of land in euros, a bird singing in dollars. Oil, water, landscape. Morality transferred and exchanged into value through the goodwill projects of multinational corporations. Curiosity, dreams, creativity. Price tag.

In a contemporary global market, where everything comes with a price, Heavenly Orders no. 1 seeks out artistic practices that questions the monetary value of creative and intellectual capital. What does the art world translate into money when evaluating an art piece? What is being transferred in a deal between the artist and the collector? The artist and the viewer?

The works of Levaque and Pallasvuo shares a mutual interest in the value of art. By perverting and distorting materials and techniques traditionally regarded as ”of high value” within the art world, both artists position themselves against the market. Traditional ways of creating value are abandoned, forcing us to see the creative process of an artist as a commodity. What is the price of such a commodity?


Jaakko Pallasvuo (b.1987, Helsinki) has an MFA from the art academy in Helsinki where he also currently lives and works. Pallasvuo has previously showed works at Toves (Copenhagen), Future Gallery (Berlin), Minibar (Stockholm) and Kiasma (Helsinki).

Nicole Levaque (b. 1991, Dundas) is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Levaque received her BFA at Concordia, Montreal and has previously shown works at Art Mur and FOFA Gallery in Montreal.

Camilla Edström Ödemark (b.1985, Åland) graduated with an BFA from Konstfack, Stockholm and has previously showed works at Third Space Gallery (Helsinki), Mångkulturellt Centrum (Stockholm) and screening at Moderna Bar, Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Anna Ihle (b.1984, Stavanger) is this years grant holder of Skien Municipality. Ihle studied at Konstfack, Stockholm and National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Ihle is at the moment exhibiting works at Konsthall C and Art Lab Gnesta in Sweden, and has previously curated shows at eg NYLO Living Art Museum, Reykjavik and Husby Konsthall, Stockholm.

Heavenly Orders is the first curatorial collaboration between Edström Ödemark and Ihle.