It Can Be Lonely Trying To Share Something

It can be lonely trying to share something

Clothes I Cannot Keep

Studio Door

Studio Door

Installation consisting of the object Studio Door and Clothes I Cannot Keep (woven with my own clothes, cotton, 180 x 350cm).

Studio Door was placed in front of Clothes I Cannot Keep. During the course of the exhibition, my studio was open, lacking it´s  door.

For the show I had invited Lisa Trogen Devgun, Josef Alexanderson, Cecilia Hultman, Vilda Kvist, Pär Axell, Lisa Torell, Hanna Zelleke Collin, Vera Granlöf, Jennifer Sameland, Lou Kuhlau, Lina Kruopyte and Tove Eklund Lindskog to write exhibition texts. These texts were all presented in the show, for the audience to take.